Forces of Nature

Naturotherapies regulate and care for the functions of the human organism according to their own mode of action. The basic areas of application are in the field of prevention and therapy of functional disorders. They can also play an important role in treating organic diseases and ailments.

The following  five are primarily counted among the natural therapeutic methods:

  • Hydrotherapy and Thermotherapy
  • Lifestyle-Regulative Therapy
  • Kinesiotherapy - including Massages
  • Phytotherapy
  • Dietetic Treatment

The knowledge about this natural therapy of diseases as well as the prevention of diseases is concentrated in our Health Resorts and Spa Environment. Here are the Naturopathic- and Spa Physicians and associated therapists with professional competence / scientific knowledge and location-specific remedies.


Kneipp Therapy

Infos zu unserem neugegründeten Kompetenzzentrum für Waldmedizin und Naturtherapie

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